Olympus AZ-330

My Notes:
Being from 1990 this camera is much newer than others in the project however it epitomises what this project is about.  It was donated to the project by a friend (thanks Rhonda) who told me that it was her fathers pride and joy so what a privilege it is to put it back to work again.  It really makes you think about the special shots it's taken over the years.  After the older cameras it was a pleasure to use as well, I have initially just run it on auto without changing anything.  It's also the only camera in the project with a zoom, which was a real novelty.  It's just the type of camera that my father would have bought too, and I could picture him using it, so it's been a really special outing.

Camera Details
Manufacturer: Olympus
Model: AZ330 SuperZoom
Year of Manufacture: 1990
Lens: 38-105mm zoom lens
Film: 35mm
Country: Japan

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