Zeiss Ikon Ikonette

My Notes:
Another Trevor camera and a real beaut. Considering its age, it is lovely condition and a nice example to use.  It's only had one outing so far but now that I have a handy, 120 to 127 film cutter, it will get some use I'm sure.  Very similar to use as the VPK and with these small units it is a bit of a challenge keeping it still as you press the shutter. Practice makes perfect I guess.

As you can see from the links, there is little information out there on this particular model.  If anyone has any other information or links, I'd appreciate it.

Camera Details
Manufacturer: Zeiss Ikon 
Model: Ikonette (504/12)
Year of Manufacture: 1929-31
Lens: Meniscus f/9 Goerz Achromat
Film: 127
Country: West Germany

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