Lubitel 166B

My Notes:
I was about three cameras into my project and was looking for the next type to buy.  Just by chance my nephew (a talented photographer  - Barry Mountford) posted a picture that had a Lubitel 166 in it.  I knew then and there that I had to have one and within the hour I had won an eBay auction for one that was being sent from the Ukraine.  Although still very affordable at A$47, I still had another $40 of postage to pay for my impatience.  This plastic bodied camera was great fun to use and my first ever Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) as well as my first use of 120 film.  It takes a bit of getting used to when you are framing (you tend to be looking down and rotating your hips as thought you had an invisible hula hoop) so I did have to rotate a few pics slightly.  

Camera Details
Manufacturer: Lomo
Model: Lubitel 166B
Year of Manufacture: early 80s
Lens: 75 mm f/4.5 T-22 triplet lens
Country: Russia

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