Balda Micky Rollbox II

My Notes:
I mean seriously how cute is this ! It's another camera bought from Trevor at the hospital auxiliaries stall for A$60 and it just fits in your hand.  Another 127 film camera and the one time I've used it so far I had real issues winding the film on (when I remember to do so that is).  I think I've fixed it and look forward to getting it out on the streets again.  I'm struggling to find much about the camera but will keep looking.  Initial results are underwealming and it was quite tricky to get the framing correct but I'm certain I can do better next time. 

Camera Details
Manufacturer: Balda
Model: Micky Rollbox II
Year of Manufacture: 1931-34
Lens: ??
Country: Germany
Film Type: 127

Camera Links:
Still looking 😉