Neoca 35

My Notes:
I picked this up from Trevor who bundled it with my Spotmatic for an extra A$15.  I think he was keen to steer me away from viewfinder cameras towards rangefinder models.  However for a while I thought the rangefinder was broken and didn't use it until I checked it again and could just make out the very slightest of secondary images and only in bright light.  I decided to persevere with a film through it and thought the results were pretty good.  There isn't much info about these cameras but have seen it mentioned that it was a low budget camera but one of better quality.  If I can improve the Rangefinder somehow I might keep hold it and try it again.

Camera Details
Manufacturer: Neoca
Model: 35 IV S
Year of Manufacture: 1959
Lens: Neoca Neokor A.C. 45 mm f/2.8
Film: 35mm
Country: Japan

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