Olympus Trip

My Notes:
I still remember watching the comical Olympus Trip adverts with David Bailey (see HERE) with my Dad and even though it was aimed at the masses, the Trip was still too expensive for our household.  Of course now that this whole world has opened up to me, a Trip was quickly placed on my shopping list.  Despite the fact there were millions made and probably because of the great quality pictures they were renowned for, they are still not cheap.  In Australia it's rare to see one sell for under A$70 on eBay.   Thankfully, in stepped Mark, my brother in law who very kindly donated his Grandad's old Trip to the project.  This makes it even more special as I love the fact that we are bringing once treasured cameras back to life.  You can't really go wrong using it, there is very little you can change.  I loved the results of the first roll so much I took it with me on a trip to Las Vegas.  It is certainly one of my "go to" cameras but I need to make sure that the others get a look in 😉  

Camera Details
Manufacturer: Olympus
Model: Trip 35
Year of Manufacture: 1967-1984
Lens: 40mm f/2.8 Zuiko 
Country: Japan

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