Braun Paxina 35

My Notes:
Well we were right off to a bad start with this one.  An impulse eBay purchase and as soon as I opened it I realised that one of the spring loaded dials underneath the camera that keeps the spool in place had broken off and was missing.  Thankfully I found the spring mechanism loose inside the camera so with some well placed duct tape I was able to get it to a state where the spool would stay in place.  Then I realised that all the shutter speeds were the same so figuring that this camera was doomed anyway I did something I hadn't done with any other cameras, I took it apart.  A bit of fiddling later and the shutter speeds were working but I had no idea if the lens was aligned properly when I put it back.  It's actually a funky little camera and the lens pulls out and locks into place when in use.  I was not expecting to get anything from it at all and was pleasantly surprised.  I will certainly be giving it another run after bringing it back from the dead.  

Camera Details
Manufacturer: Braun
Model: Paxina 35
Year of Manufacture: 1953
Lens: Praxar Bayreuth 75mm F/3.5 triplet lens
Country: Germany

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