Retina II

My Notes:
When I first started the project and started looking at vintage cameras I came across a review for a Retina and firmly put it on my list.  Although I try and keep these cameras affordable, my lovely wife bought me this beautiful example for my birthday from the guys at Film Never Die.  It's a a fantastic piece of classic engineering.  It's not the easiest to use as the focus ring is a little stiff so I was manually setting it using estimated distance to get me started.  It's worth noting that the shutter won't release when cocked if there isn't a film in the camera. I loved the results I got from it and hope you do too.

Camera Details
Manufacturer: Kodak
Model: Retina II (model 014)
Year of Manufacture: 1949-1950
Lens: Schneider Xenon 50mm f/2.0
Country: Germany

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