Ricoh 500

My Notes:
My 2nd ever camera for this project and bought from Trevor again.  I liked the style and it was my first use of a proper rangefinder.  It was a bit tricky to get used to as you needed to get the order right in how you set the aperture and shutter speed. It has a quick access advance lever underneath the camera which makes you feel like a photojournalist in a war zone and was very ergonomic to use.  I had a major fail though as there are two dials underneath that you turn before taking the whole back off to insert the film.  Unfortunately the dials are loose and the back opened partway through the film.  I can't wait to try this one again with a better film and without exposing it part way through 😉

Camera Details
Manufacturer: Ricoh
Model: 500
Year of Manufacture: 1957
Lens: 5-elements Riken Ricomat 2.8/45
Country: Japan

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