Fototecnica Tennar Junior

My Notes:
Well I'd had a successful run with my camera finds up till now but I would have been naive to think it would continue.  Firstly this wasn't what I though I'd bought from eBay, The auction had two pictures, the first being a similar Kodak bellow camera and at A$29 I just jumped on it.  So this guy arrived instead and there is very limited information about it online.  Then I found out it used 620 film, which I wasn't prepared for.  It turns out that this is the same film size as 120 but on a different spool size.  I managed to buy a 2nd 620 spool but this still didn't fit so I had to spend some time sanding it down.  Then I used the dark bag to respool a 120 film onto 620.  I was really hoping that after all this I would be rewarded with some nice results.  Sadly not. However, because of all I still have soft spot for the camera

Camera Details
Manufacturer: Fototecnica
Model: Tennar Junior
Year of Manufacture: 1950-54
Lens: Einar Optika ?
Film: 620
Country: Turin, Italy

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