Kodak VPK

My Notes:
Well this was the camera that started it all (see HERE).  I was buying it to sit on a shelf and look nice before a seed was planted that it might be able to be used.  The rest as they say is history.  127 film is harder to find but is around and there are ways of making 35 and 120 film work if you are brave. I used some tape over the back red window between winding to protect the film.  Initially the 1/25th shutter speed didn’t work (since fixed) so I was stuck with 1/50th (the only option available other than B or T), I found a YouTube video that related the numbers 1-4 on the aperture dial to more familiar aperture settings and started taking pictures.  It's hard to see through the viewfinder but improves if you cup your had against to reduce glare.

I had a bit of a setback when the Massive Dev site didn’t list the recipe for the ReraPan 100 film with Infosol3.  Thankfully I managed to find just one blog post online where someone used the same combination and posted his timings which seemed to work fine.

Camera Details
Manufacturer: Kodak
Model: Vest Pocket Kodak
Year of Manufacture: 1915-1926
Lens: 72mm achromatic meniscus lens
Country: USA
Film Type: 127 (4x6)

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